Find out here what the benefits are to creating an account with us at The Mystic Collective, and take a look at our Loyalty Rewards programme!

Hi, guest shopper!

If you’re wondering what the benefits are to creating an account with us, you’ve come to the right place to find out!

Apart from a much quicker checkout, here’s what you get:

  • Easy access to your account details and past orders 
  • Get notified when your wishlisted items go on sale
  • Enter our awesome Loyalty Rewards Programme (find out more below)

Easy Access

Once you’re logged in, you can use the account icon on the main menu to: 

  • View your previous orders. (Just remember that you have to be logged into your account during checkout for that order to be recorded under your account.)
  • Get the link for any downloadable products you’ve purchased from here. (No more searching through emails if you need to re-download months later, yay!). 
  • Update your address or contact details easily. 
  • Choose which communications you’d like to receive (or not receive) from us.
    PLEASE NOTE NB NB: You need to keep “updates about products and promotions” ticked in order to enter into our Loyalty Rewards Programme or we won’t be able to send you those emails.

Our Loyalty Rewards Programme

Our rewards programme is super fun! You’ll unlock rewards like lifetime discounts, free gifts and money-off vouchers the more you shop with us over time. There are loads of different rewards that you can unlock, including: 

  • VIP Inner Circle Rewards, 
  • Return Rewards, and (our favourite), 
  • Secret Rewards. 

VIP Inner Circle Rewards:

  • Each purchase total adds to your lifetime total 
  • Unlock new benefits as you rise
  • One code, lifetime of discounts

Return Rewards:

  • Each completed purchase adds to your total number of orders
  • Receive vouchers and free gifts at set milestones
VIP Tribe sparklers

Secret Rewards:

We’ve included “easter eggs” in our rewards programme that trigger when special sets of circumstances occur. These are fun hidden rewards that you’ll only discover when they happen!

We hope you have as much fun rising through our Rewards Programme as we do rewarding you for being an awesome customer!